Institutional Broking

We are a registered member of The Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange. We provide institutional equity broking services and in-depth equity research on many Indian listed companies. We also provide marketing of equity related products including IPOs/FCCBs to domestic and institutional investors. Our clientele includes leading Domestic and International institutional investors, including Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Endowments and Banks Our highly qualified and experienced research analysts provide detailed sector specific research. Our research team provides truly independent, thought provoking, objective and comprehensive research. Our team of highly experienced analysts, sales folks and dealers provide our institutional clients one of the best experience in trading equities. With our creative approach to financing, expertise in capital markets and in-depth industry insight, we help our clients in accessing capital for their business needs. Khambatta has deep institutional relationships, distribution strength and understanding of the markets that are an imperative in a fund-raising partner.

Khambatta analysts use a cornucopia of quantitative and qualitative tools, integrating field analysis, proprietary channel checks and ongoing dialogue with the managements of the companies they cover to provide a comprehensive research report. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver a research product that is timely, differentiated, and tailored to each customer's needs. Our extensive corporate access program provides our clients with the ability to meet with companies and their management teams, interact with leading industry consultants and thought leaders and participate in a wide variety of industry conferences and field trips.